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Career Opportunity: Training Department Consultant

Position Title: Training Department Consultant

Department: Training Department

Location: 265 Oxford Street, Providence, RI

Timeframe to apply: November 18, 2022

Salary: Based on Experience

Start Date: November 18, 2022

Background Information

The Nonviolence Institute seeks to teach by word and example the principles and practices of nonviolence and to foster a community that addresses potentially violent situations with nonviolent solutions. The Institute has helped to significantly reduce violent crimes in the City of Providence, particularly youth violence. The Institute operates Statewide, with a few programs that operate solely within specific areas. In 2009, the Institute was selected as Outstanding Philanthropic Organization by the RI Association of Fundraising Professionals and is a nationally recognized best practice organization in reducing violence, particular street-level violence.

Job Description

Nonviolence Institute is seeking a Curriculum Writer to revise and edit the current nonviolence training facilitators manual and participant workbook. This involves getting to know how the nonviolence training modules work and aligning that with best practices in restorative justice, trauma informed practices, social-emotional learning, and culturally responsive teaching.

Curriculum Writing

The curriculum consultant will spend time examining the current documents and advise the team on how the content aligns with:

● Culturally responsive teaching

● Social emotional learning and the CASEL wheel

● Trauma informed practices

● Restorative justice

Additionally this person will create a finalized document including:

1) Facilitator’s Manual

● introduction (how the content aligns and why it’s important for schools),

● summary (one page for sharing with external partners),

● one page summary of rules/procedures for working in schools

● lessons

2) Participant Manual

This person will recommend a graphic designer to create a professional published product.

Capacity Building

This consultant will train a member of the NVI team to revise and edit the base curriculum for future purposes (ie Nonviolence Training for Forgiveness, Crisis Response Training for Secondary Schools, Crisis Response Training for Elementary Schools)

On-boarding Documents

This person will create on-boarding documents to train a new facilitator

to the NVI team. These documents should include a timeline of learning for new employees.

Questions and proposals for completing this work can be sent to Wanda before November 18, 2022.

The Nonviolence Institute is an equal opportunity employer.

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