Legislative Priorities - 2019

The Public Policy and Advocacy Team at the Nonviolence Institute is committed to equity, justice, and the eradication of violence in all its forms.


Oftentimes, this means attacking the structural and institutional barriers that our marginalized community members face on a daily basis. While systems change can feel overwhelming to many, we believe firmly in tackling reforms that build meaningful, concrete changes in the lives of our staff, clients, and communities. This is done by listening to our community's needs and finding creative solutions to get closer and closer to the Beloved Community. 

Stay tuned for more updates as our official policy platform for 2019 will be finalized soon, but a few of the issues that will find their way onto our advocacy slate this year include: 

  • Increasing access to trade licensing for people with criminal records, by working with the Fair Chance Licensing Coalition. Get involved here 

  • Supporting the movement to ensure the constitutional right to an education for all RI students. Check out more info here 

  • Supporting legislation to ban assault weapons in the state

  • Supporting legislation to ban “high capacity magazines” for firearms, prohibiting “any ammunition feeding device capable of accepting more than 10 rounds.”

  • Supporting legislation to prohibit the carrying of firearms on K-12 school grounds.

  • Ensuring the balanced enforcement and data collection for the Comprehensive Community-Police Relations Act of 2015, an important victory that aims to limit the impacts of implicit bias in police interactions.

Questions about our Legislative Priorities?  Please email Jordan Seaberry at jordan@nonviolenceinstitute.org