The Outreach Specialist Team

Our Nonviolence Outreach Specialists are "the boots on the ground" of the Institute.  The team works every day in Providence, Pawtucket and Central Falls to understand the dynamics of gang violence, to support young people in making nonviolent choices, and to mediate potential conflicts that could lead to violence.  

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Our Outreach Team partners closely with local law enforcement, as well as with other organizations to understand the dynamics of gang violence and to mediate potential conflict before it erupts to a violent situation. 

Outreach Specialists are on the frontlines, attending events at Rec Centers and other areas that attract young people, being present at school openings and closings, and presenting a familiar, trustworthy, and appropriate face to the at-risk people in our communities.  


Outreach Specialists at the Institute spend one-to-one time with the most at-risk young people from Providence, Pawtucket and Central Falls working to understand the challenges they face and to connect them with resources and opportunities that can lead to nonviolent choices.  

They become trusted friends and partners and are passionate about giving young people employment and education resources that help them to become more healthy & productive.

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Our Outreach Specialists mediates potential conflicts between rival gangs to interrupt the cycle of retaliation that can often lead to more violence.  Through strong relationships and an understanding of gang dynamics, our team has brought people to shared tables to work through conflict using nonviolence principles and practices.  

Our model works- violence on our city's streets has significantly reduced since the Institute's founding in the summer of 2000.