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Our Board

Meet The Board

Our Board of Directors work alongside our staff to ensure that the Institute works consistently toward our mission and that we are always striving toward the goals laid out in our Strategic Plan.  They represent a wide range of experience and skills, share their contacts and resources, and contribute to constant and forward motion for every person we encounter.  


  • Larson Gunness


  • Keith Morton 

  • Roberta Richman 


  • Lisa Abbott

  • Shameem Awan

  • Oliver Bennett

  • Chief Hugh Clements

  • Honorable Francis J. Darigan

  • Elizabeth Boyle Eckel

  • Dean Esserman

  • Nicole Fiero

  • Teny Gross

  • Dwayne Boo Hackney

  • Seth Handy


  • Maggie Meany


  • Jerrold Dorfman


  • Myra Latimer-Nicholas

  • Father Raymond Malm

  • Reverend James Miller

  • F. Paul Mooney, Jr.

  • Cleora O'Connor

  • Major Oscar Perez

  • Barry Preston

  • Dr. Megan Ranney

  • Barbara Sokoloff

  • Nondas Hurst Voll

In Memoriam

We are ever-inspired by the legacy the Institute's co-founders, Sister Ann C. Keefe and Sister Joyce Flowers, RSM.


Sister Ann and Sister Joyce were fierce advocates for social justice and assisting the least among us. As admirers and devotees of the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Sister Ann and Sister Joyce, along with Fr Raymond Malm, came together to found the Institute in the rectory of St. Michaels.   

Other Notable Board Members in memoriam

Honorable William Clifton

Robert Dangremond