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Meet Our Met School Intern - Monica Toro

The Nonviolence Institute partners with the Met School in Providence, hosting high school students from the Met as interns in various departments. Monica Toro joined our Development Office this week - she'll be working on fundraising, marketing, and communication with us. Learn more about Monica below!

Hi my name is Monica Toro i'm 15 years old. I am currently a sophomore at the Met high school. I was born and raised in New York. I have five siblings including me which makes six of us. I have two sisters and three brothers. I am the youngest of five then there's my little brother who is 2. My career path is undecided. I know for sure that it would be in the medical, cosmetology, criminal justice field.

The reason why i picked The Met as a school choice was because of the internships. I am a visual learner so that right there was a plus for me. The Met is a unique school it basically preps you for college and for the real word. I hope to learn a lot here at the Nonviolence institute and create a wonderful bond with my mentor Nicole!

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