Public Policy & Advocacy

Our Public Policy & Advocacy Team represents the needs of our clients and our communities on a municipal, state and federal level through direct action and advocacy on legislation.  The team also helps us to assess our impact through data collection, analysis, and evaluation.


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Our Public Policy and Advocacy Team works every day to support legislation that makes a difference in the lives of our clients and impacts the greater well-being of our communities.  

We work toward positive change that fights poverty, racism, and violence by fighting for resources, fairness, and equality for every person in Rhode Island.  

We have strong partnerships with legislators, other non-profits, and municipal leaders that help us to navigate the challenging waters of our legislative and judicial systems.  

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We encourage all of our citizens to participate in the processes that shape our laws and systems.  

Through encouraging our clients, friends, and partners to vote, to lobby for legislation they support, and to make their voices heard on local, state, and national issues - we build a sustainable future for The Beloved Community.  

Our Employment Program clients participate in weekly civics lessons and discussions led by our Public Policy and Advocacy Team.  We believe that education makes all of our voices for justice and peace stronger.  

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Our Data and Analysis Team are critical members of the Public Policy and Advocacy Department.  They help all of us at the Institute to understand and communicate the impact our work has on our communities.

This team works with our program staff and our partners to collect data around client services and outreach efforts so that we understand where we are having the greatest impact and how we can constantly improve the services we provide and increase the impact we make.