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Re-Entry Services

Strategies, Planning, Tools, and Ongoing Support

We understand the difficulties of transitioning back to the community after incarceration. We strive to give our clients the tools and support that we know work, from pre-release to finding housing and a job. In addition, and most critical, is welcoming them back and providing personal support to help them avoid mistakes.  

Focused on Success for Our Clients

Our Re-entry Discharge Planner is contracted with the Rhode Island Department of Corrections and housed partially in the prison. They build comprehensive re-entry plans for people near release, who have been flagged for gang involvement.


Moreover, as a member of the Rhode Island Re-Entry Collaborative, we work closely with other community partners to provide wrap around re-entry services to returning citizens.

ri re-entry collaborative (RRC)

The RRC is a partnership among community-based organizations designed to serve people transitioning from prison back to communities in the Providence metro area. 

The core partner organizations of the RRC include the Amos House, Center for Health and Justice Transformation, the Re-entry Campus Program, and the Nonviolence Institute, with hopes to expand the number of partners.

The Goal

With the overall goal to prevent re-arrests and reduce recidivism, the RRC’s long-term vision is to provide a more comprehensive, community-based re-entry system in the state of Rhode Island, using best practices to improve the quality and stability of life for people returning to the community from incarceration.

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