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The Nonviolence Institute appoints Cedric Huntley as Executive Director.

Following a national search, the board and staff of The Nonviolence Institute are pleased to announce that Mr. Cedric Huntley has accepted the position of Executive Director, effective immediately.

Mr. Huntley is a lifelong resident of Providence and has been a board member and volunteer leader of The Nonviolence Institute since its founding in 2000. His combination of nonviolence practice, passion, commitment and dedication to our community make him the right leader in this challenging time.


Mr. Huntley worked as Director of Student Support Services and Safety at the Metropolitan Technical Regional High School from 2002-2019 and as Director of Providence’s Southside Recreation Center from 1999-2019. He served as Interim Executive Director of The Nonviolence Institute from August 2020 – present.


In accepting the position, Mr. Huntley looked to the future. “There is no doubt that the challenges we face are substantial,” Huntley said.  “I have seen, over and over again, the power of the nonviolence philosophy on preventing firearm injury and deaths. I am confident, moving forward, that we are well positioned to fulfill our mission, tirelessly and passionately with an extraordinary dedicated staff and the support of an engaged board. It is my promise, on my watch, to make a positive difference in the lives we touch throughout Rhode Island.”


The mission of the Nonviolence Institute, founded in 2000, is to teach, by word and example, the principles and practices of nonviolence, and to foster a community that addresses potentially violent situations with nonviolent solutions. With an annual budget of $1.2 million, the Nonviolence Institute runs programs in street outreach, victim’s services, education, re-entry and nonviolence training. Its core participants are people deeply affected by violence who want to heal, give back to their community and live lives of dignity and meaning.

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Honoring Ms. Viola Davis with the 2020 Nonviolence Institute Community Impact Award

Honoring Col. Hugh T. Clements, Jr. with the 2020 Sister Ann Keefe Award

In 2016, the Nonviolence Institute (then the Institute for the Study and Practice of Nonviolence), assembled a group of staff, leaders, clients, and stakeholders to develop a strategic plan for growth and sustainability. The year-long planning process resulted in the formation of six strategic objectives.  These objectives are a framework on which we build our services and projects.


Strategic Objectives for Management:

  • Center of Excellence in Nonviolence (build to be a primary center of thought, research, and practice in the field)

  • Relationship Management (work toward relationships that are strong with all constituent groups)

  • Evaluation Capacity (grow, implement, and maintain systems that evaluate performance and impact)

  • Resource Development (institute a management culture whereby resource development, especially but not solely financial, is the responsibility of all, not just one department or committee)

  • Continuous Professional Development (grow opportunities for all staff to continuously learn and develop skills as professionals in this field)

  • Communication Strategy (with intention, communicate the Institute’s story to each of our distinct constituent groups)

For a quick look at our Strategic Plan click here, or read the full plan:



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265 Oxford Street

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