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Honoring Ms. Viola Davis with the 2020 Nonviolence Institute Community Impact Award

Honoring Col. Hugh T. Clements, Jr. with the 2020 Sister Ann Keefe Award

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In 2016, the Nonviolence Institute (then the Institute for the Study and Practice of Nonviolence), assembled a group of staff, leaders, clients, and stakeholders to develop a strategic plan for growth and sustainability. The year-long planning process resulted in the formation of six strategic objectives.  These objectives are a framework on which we build our services and projects.


Strategic Objectives for Management:

  • Center of Excellence in Nonviolence (build to be a primary center of thought, research, and practice in the field)

  • Relationship Management (work toward relationships that are strong with all constituent groups)

  • Evaluation Capacity (grow, implement, and maintain systems that evaluate performance and impact)

  • Resource Development (institute a management culture whereby resource development, especially but not solely financial, is the responsibility of all, not just one department or committee)

  • Continuous Professional Development (grow opportunities for all staff to continuously learn and develop skills as professionals in this field)

  • Communication Strategy (with intention, communicate the Institute’s story to each of our distinct constituent groups)

For a quick look at our Strategic Plan click here, or read the full plan:



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265 Oxford Street

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