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Model & Framework

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Nonviolence begins with individual behavior and study. We encourage those we work with and train to make nonviolence a way of life. We believe that with each individual we work with we move a step closer to building a healthy community. Our model is framed by four components: educate, console, sustain, and celebrate. 

Community Components

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A community that amuses itself is a community that is creative. Seeing positive aspects of community allows people think of positive possibilities. It allows people to alleviate stress and reflect on what is good in their lives.



A community that educates itself is a community that is informed and engaged. Components of education are many (i.e. safe and supported schools, passing-on of local knowledge and lore, and the sharing of history within a community).



A community that grieves together is empathetic, sympathetic, and connected in a constructive way. We must be able to grieve together.



Community that sustains itself is thriving and able to nourish optimism and joy in its members. It is one that allows for its members to have equal access to economic opportunities and leverage resources for the benefit of the entire community.

Nonviolence Principles

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