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Help us build a more peaceful future. 

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The mission of the Nonviolence Institute is to create, by word and example, a community that uses the principles and practices of nonviolence to prevent, interrupt, and heal violence and to uplift community. Your gift will help our team prevent, educate on, and support victims of violence within Rhode Island and beyond. 

Ways To Give

The Sister Ann Keefe Society

A fierce advocate for social justice and assisting the least among us, Sister Ann was a legendary community activist and co-founder of the Nonviolence Institute, as well as more then two dozen service organizations in the Providence area.

The Sister Ann Keefe Society for Peace recognizes supporters who make gifts of $1,000 or more to the Institute with a number of special events and opportunities.  

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Legacy Giving

Regardless of how you choose to fund your legacy donation, your gift will help ensure that vital  support and services for in-risk youth and victims of violence will be ongoing.

Your gift will support thousands struggling through the aftermath of violence as well as spread education across the state on the practice and history of nonviolence.

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Corporate Giving

Corporate Partners are essential to expanding the impact and reach of the Nonviolence Institute's mission and vision to create a community that uses and practices nonviolence to prevent, interrupt, and heal violence and uplift community. 

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