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Street Outreach

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The "boots on the ground" in Providence, Pawtucket, and Central Falls that help young people make nonviolent choices.

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Strong Partners

We partner with organizations and local law enforcement to understand the dynamics of gang violence and to mediate potential conflict before it erupts into a violent situation. We are a trustworthy and consistent resource at community events,  school openings and closings, and more.



Our team offers 1:1 mentorship for the most at-risk young community members from Providence, Pawtucket, and Central Falls. We work to understand the challenges they face and connect them with employment and educational resources and opportunities that can help lead them to nonviolent choices. 



We mediate potential conflicts between rival gangs and interrupt the cycle of retaliation by building strong community relationships and exercisng our deep understanding of gang dynamics. We bring community members to shared tables and work through conflict using nonviolence principles and practices.    

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