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2022 Invest In Peace Honorees

Our annual fundraiser – Invest In Peace – will take place this week Thursday, October 13th! This annual gathering is a time when we honor those in our community that are going above and beyond in their advocacy and work to educate and bring awareness by word and example of nonviolence, violence reduction, and fostering a community that addresses potentially violent situations with nonviolent solutions. This year we have a handful of incredible honorees: Teny Gross will receive the Sister Ann Keefe Award, the emergency room social worker team at RI Lifespan will receive the Covid-19 Hero Award, and Brown University, Partnership for Rhode Island, and The Rhode Island Foundation will receive a distinguished Community Impact Award.

Photo: Ann Keefe Awardee Teny Gross

The Sister Ann Keefe Award is awarded every year to someone who has demonstrated faithful community service and has dedicated his or her life to peace, justice, and human services and embodies the same drive as the Institute's founder Sister Ann Keefe.

2022 Sister Ann Keefe Award Recipient:

Teny Gross

The Covid-19 Hero Award is an honor given to frontline workers who have risked their health and safety to provide life-saving resources and care to the community of Rhode Island.

COVID-19 Hero Recipient(s): The emergency room social work team at RI Lifespan

The Community Impact Award acknowledges a person or organization(s) that are making a measurable impact on the vibrant Rhode Island community.

Community Impact Recipient(s): Brown University, Partnership of Rhode Island, and the Rhode Island Foundation

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