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CNN Features Cedric Huntley and the Nonviolence Institute

An article published on April 25, 2022 posed the question of how to avoid hopelessness in the face of the gun violence epidemic roiling cities across the country, including Providence.

Cedric Huntley explained that there is no room for despair in the fight against gun violence. The NVI team is made up of Nonviolence Trainers, Outreach Specialists, Victims Advocates who work everyday to help those in the community who are or have been directly involved in violent situations.

Providing Hope is a Key Deliverable at the Nonviolence Institute

The Institute is at forefront in Providence, working with partners in the community and the City through the ARPA Program to address the root causes of violence through the SEED Program, focused on in-risk youth, as well as Nonviolence Workshops for all.

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