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June 2022 SEED Celebration and Reflections

The 7th SEED Cohort was the most engaged and open group so far this year, with very outspoken and courageous leaders; there was also a returning participant who was part of our Pawtucket summer jobs program in 2021.

This group truly enjoyed art journaling and self-expression as a way to continue to process their lessons and discussions. All members and staff were especially pleased with our first outdoor classroom experience at Roger Williams Park. Special thanks to SEED Team Members Gem Barros and Christine King for arranging the details that made this excursion possible.

Cohort members were incredibly supportive of each other, providing the motivation needed to move out of comfort zones as they worked through the principles and steps of nonviolence, and how to apply these skills to their everyday lives. The Cohort embraced activities and discussions each day and had developed a strong bond by the end of the two weeks. All would recommend the SEED Program to a friend.

Cohort Celebration

The NVI team, family, and friends were on hand to congratulate the Cohort on their accomplishments.

Cohort Member Reflections

"It was a mutual vibe … I wish I could come back again … I want to, but I got a few members [to recommend]." - Richard
"I learned a lot … it helps to look at things different I learned to pull back, tone down, and think more of the consequences." - Damian

Training Team Reflections

The Training Team described the courage of Cohort members in taking on deep and emotional issues while working through the SEED Program.

Focusing on the here and now Senior Nonviolence Trainer Sal Monteiro said, "With all the things that’s going on in our lives and all the things going on in the world … Within your own personal lives and the community, it’s great that we can take the time to just focus right here on the now … because right now is a celebration."

Gem Barros, NVI Trainer, expressed the pleasure she felt working with the Cohort, "You guys are really wonderful to be with … I learned a lot from you. Sharing some of your experiences, learning more about you, and seeing the challenges you guys made it through."

They also stressed that this was just the beginning, and encouraged the Cohort to think of the Institute as a place to "Come around or just show up or text us or call us and remember that this is your place to practice nonviolence, as well as out in your world," as Trainer Christine King said.

NVI Trainer Shane Lee's remarks focused on reminding the Cohort that they should never expect less as they navigate the world around them and that they are always welcome at the Institute, "It was a pleasure to be in this class with you. Everyone one in this class was top-notch, you were engaged, you didn’t shy away from the material, you didn’t hide from any of the activities, you were 100. I’m proud of you and we’re here for you."

Funding for this program is being provided by the ARPA City of Providence Anti-Violence Investment.

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