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April SEED Cohort

The emphasis was on fun for this Cohort, employing a variety of ways to take in the steps and principles of Nonviolence, including singing, laughs, and skits.

Real world experiences played a big part in the sessions as participants learned how to process everyday challenges and conflicts at home, school and in their communities through the lens of nonviolence. Particularly engaging, as always, was the session with guest speaker Alex Snow, whose story of self-awareness and forgiveness resonated with honesty and power.

Big Crowd Cheers Accomplishments at Celebration

Cohort members thoughtfully expressed a thorough understanding of the principles and steps in their Celebration with family, friends, school advisors, and the NVI team.

"I learned a lot ... the part that stuck with me the most was the conversation about values." - Destiny

"I feel like I am a much more calm person now. I feel better, every time I wake up I feel like my day doesn’t have to have so much conflict. Although it’s inevitable and it has to, it’s not always going to be the worst type of conflict, sometimes it can be dimmed down and controlled." - Joahluis

"I used to act out, in serious anger … and so I really want to thank the workers here to control that." - Zacary

"I didn’t really know what to expect out of this program ... the steps that I was learning actually helped me lessen my conflicts and I’m glad that I can use some of the things I learned … in certain situations that I deal with every day." - Joziah

Funding for this program is being provided by the ARPA City of Providence Anti-Violence Investment.

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