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May 2022 SEED Celebration

The sixth SEED Cohort, composed of a mix of young women and men in their teens from several high schools in Providence, started off a bit uncertain of what to expect from the program. Guided by the NVI Training Team, they were able to open up and examine the struggles and challenges they face on a regular basis, incuding both internal and community violence.

Exploring the different types and level of conflict through role playing Cohort members were able to gain a deep understanding of the emotional levels that are present in a conflict starting from normal, moving to emotiona,l and ending with physical violence. Members really engaged when discussing the four components of a healthy beloved community - educate, sustain, console, celebrate.

Cohort Reflections

Members shared their experiences, including hesitation at the start, but progressing toward good relationships and real ways to handle conflict in a nonviolent way.

"At first I thought I'm not going to make it through the two weeks, but then we did and now I'm proud of all my classmates." - Troyd
"I really learned a lot and I plan to use some of it soon. I really did enjoy it." - Amaya
"This program really made me view a lot of things differently ... other than just putting violence first. - Alexander
"I learned a lot in this program that made me see things differently ... after this program I'm all for nonviolence." - Jailson

Celebration Video

Celebration Photo Gallery

Click any photo to open the slideshow.

Nonviolence Team Words of Encouragement

Funding for this program is being provided by the ARPA City of Providence Anti-Violence Investment.

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