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SEED Cohort 12 Graduation & Reflections

Congratulations to our Cohort 12 SEED program graduates! This group excelled at learning and studying the intersections of nonviolence, social justice, and community. Cohort members were incredibly supportive of each other, providing the motivation needed to share their personal experiences throughout class sessions and to bring a renewed curiosity to every lesson the NVI team introduced to them. At graduation, participants were given time to share their experience at the podium, here are a few excerpts from what they shared:

"It gives us the motivation to go after the goals that we want and they show us that we don't need to have any of those bad steps. We have people here for us no matter what." - Cohort 12 participant
"The NVI taught me how to see other people's point of view." - Cohort 12 participant
"When I think about nonviolence, nonviolence is your happy place, your home. It's where you have to be at because you know somedays are happy days, some days are bad days, and that doesn't mean you have to be violent. Nonviolence is a way of living in peace." - Cohort 12 participant

We look forward to our next class and hope if you know someone who'd like to participate, to refer them to us with the application here.

If you'd like to refer a student to our program, learn more here.

Funding for this program is being provided by the ARPA City of Providence Anti-Violence Investment.

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