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SEED Cohort 16 Graduation!

It's the best two weeks I've had in awhile. I woke up looking forward to coming back. - Cohort Graduate

What is SEED?

SEED is our organization's nonviolence-focused job training program designed for in-risk youths and that provides a stipend (for Providence residents) to learn crucial skills in a safe and inclusive space environment.

Every month, our SEED cohorts surprise our training team and themselves with their mental strength and personal fortitude. Our March Cohort was a dedicated and thoughtful group that started off apprehensive and by the had the confidence to not only understand the fundamentals of Kingian nonviolence, but to also start to apply those lessons in their everyday lives. The students also learned about social justice, peace, community healing, the importance of mental health and more.

We couldn't be more proud of them and what they've accomplished! Additional topics in the curriculum included:

  • How to solve conflicts without using violence

  • Critical thinking about the practice of nonviolence in today’s world

  • How to encourage others to practice and study nonviolence

  • Understanding mental health and wellness and its relation to nonviolence

I started coming here and it was something I looked forward to. With what I learned and what you guys taught me, I don't want to get one bad feeling and screw up the rest of my life. [Being here,] made me want to work on myself. - Cohort Graduate

So many friends I hang out with, they need this program. If I'm nonviolence, they need to be nonviolent too. - Cohort Graduate

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